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CLC Fishery , a family business enters offline retail during the Covid 19 pandemic, 12 July 2021

CLC Fishery - Podcast InterviewCLC Fishery
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曾泠溨先生在创立CLC Fishery前,家里已经是芙蓉的渔业大户。凭着他过去对于渔业的丰富经历,他在2003年创立CLC Fishery,并成功将其业务拓展到亚太地区各个市场。

正当CLC Fishery的生意如火如荼,新冠疫情却打乱了节奏。



Before CLC was founded Mr. Chen Ling Choy's family was already a well-known as one of the largest fishery family in Seremban. With his rich past experience in fisheries, he founded CLC Fishery in 2003 and successfully expanded its business to various markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Just as CLC Fishery's business is in full swing, the Covid 19 pandemic has disrupted the business.

In the past, CLC mainly relied on the supply of seafood to B2B businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and restaurants. The movement control order is undoubtedly a heavy blow to their business. And CLC had no choice but to change its model and began to expand its B2C retail business.

How did they use the advantages of the family business to expand their business? And when they shift to switch business models, what challenges do they face?

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