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Low Yat Group’s Versatility through Time: From Property and IT into the Foodpreneur Industry with Brand-New Growers Market

Malaysian Business, 22 January 2021


Kuala Lumpur, 14 January 2020 - Having had a strong presence in Malaysia for over 80 years since the 1940s, the Low Yat Group has ably positioned themselves as a leading property development company. A pioneer of both the property development and investment industry, Low Yat Group holds a pivotal presence across various sectors which include the hospitality and retail industries.

In the IT sector, the group has flourished through their Low Yat IT Retail Mall, where an increase in demand for tech supplies was noted due to the shift of both work and education from offline to online in adaptation to the COVID-19 movement restrictions. Low Yat IT Retail Mall served as a reliable source of IT products to many since the beginning of 2000 and remained steadfast in the providence of IT tools needed by the community as they continue to adapt to the new normal of working, studying or running a business from the comforts and safety of home. Within the industry, Low Yat Group’s constant innovation and foresight has allowed for them to be a pioneer in the IT industry and for their IT mall to remain relevant in continuing to be of service to the masses.

Ensuring that they keep with the evolving times, Low Yat Group strives to continue to source for new forms of innovation and methods to give back to society. Moving beyond residentials and commercial real estate, the group recognizes a need for society to restrategize on how to shop for food in lieu of community wet markets downsizing or closing down - having been affected by the pandemic. The spearhead of this expansion is manifested in the form of Growers Market, a one-stop destination where consumers are able to have access to wholesalers, importers and distributors selling quality products and produce.

Low Yat’s Group current Group Executive Director Ms Low Su Ming, has said “The Low Yat’s Group main interests have always been focused not only towards the uprising of the local property and hospitality sector but also in servicing the community through our offerings. To accommodate the needs of the masses in an ever-growing and evolving market as well as to cater to the changing consumer trends, we are looking to step forward and make an impact within the community through our upcoming developments.”

The Growers Market at Rivercity is a humble initiative by the Low Yat Group to provide an avenue for local growers, farmers, wholesalers and emerging artisan food entrepreneurs as well as home bakers to start and grow their businesses - encouraging Malaysians to venture out on their own. Taking the community into consideration, it is launched to provide fulfilment services and business opportunities to fresh graduates looking to explore entrepreneurship opportunities as well as budding and skilled personnel from the F&B industry that have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. By launching Growers Market, Low Yat aims to answer the need for an alternative platform for local food entrepreneurs to step forward and grow.

“With this initiative, we hope to empower the importers, distributors and especially the local farmers by providing an alternative hub for them to display and set their own product price points, thus allowing more independence when it comes to selling their produce.” said Ms Low. 

Strategically located at Rivercity, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah or better known as 3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh, Growers Market is central to the nearby rapidly growing neighbourhoods such as Bukit Tunku, Hartamas and Sentul Depot. These neighbourhoods house a large base of owner occupier residences, thriving businesses, commercial enterprises and a fast-growing education sector. What sets Growers Market apart from their counterparts in the industry is their hybridity of product mixes derived from both a wet market and supermarket model; carrying a wide selection of fresh produce, imported premium delicacies as well as premium kitchen and homeware where consumers are able to shop for household supplies. With the launch of this food marketplace, Growers Market intends to still provide consumers with a touch and feel experience through the set-up of physical food stores at their main location as a large percentage of consumers are noted to still want to physically visit malls/markets even through uncertain times. To address this, Growers Market encapsulates a large area of space that is organized in accordance to the new social-distancing guidelines, ensuring that consumers are able to shop comfortably with a peace of mind.

As much as 15,000 sq ft under Block G is allocated for Fine Food Purveyors, an earmarked destination to source for premium fine food from across the globe such as Japan, Italy and Spain. In the same space, lifestyle services and products such as organic produce, a café and bakery as well as a beauty wellness section is also available along with an open space for the usage of the traders within Growers to host cooking shows and product launches. For their Fresh Market section in Block H that spans across 12,000 sq ft, consumers are able to shop for fresh produce ranging from fresh vegetables, fruits and premium meat to quality frozen food. Fresh produce is packed for purchase in both household and wholesale amounts, with vacuum-packed poultry products for hygiene purposes. Another unique point of Growers Market is also the availability of an independent non-halal butchery that offers fresh butcher cuts upon request.

One of the other offerings situated within Growers Market is COOKHOUSE which spans over 25,000 sq ft, a first-of-its-kind cloud kitchen in Malaysia that serves as an avenue for those passionate about culinary to showcase their talent. This COOKHOUSE in Growers Market is the brand’s flagship outlet that will consist of a Microgreens Farm, Coffee Roastery, Cocktail Bar and Butchery and Meat Carvery among others for the community chefs and food artisans looking to hone their skills. Through Growers Market, Low Yat Group intends to bridge the gap between the community and high-quality produce by providing a wider access to all through this latest enterprise in the local marketplace scene. All traders and tenants at Growers Market are present exclusively by invitation, having been carefully selected to ensure a top-notch quality of both fresh produce and food. In lieu of the market’s soft launch during December 2020, their fresh produce merchants have opened and are ready to service customers. An eCommerce platform and fulfilment services that will enable the consolidation of orders from different traders to be packed and delivered to homes interstate is part of the plan for Phase 2.

Check out Growers Market physically at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah or source for information about them online here:


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